Aims and Objectives:

LITERATI RESEARCH JOURNAL is intended for an academic or technical, research scholars. It is a scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, professors, research scholars and other experts and academia.

The Global Literati Insights International Research Journal intends to fulfill the following aims and objectives:

1. To inculcate in the mind of the youth the feelings of research work and Innovative Methods.

2. To provide the the research scholars useful information of modern and multicultural society and the ways adopted in different phases of their lives.

3. To make the young scholars aware of the sense of the techniques adopted in different generes.

4. To explore the issues before the scholars related to thevswift change of the time.

5. To aware the readers the style and techniques of research paper writing.

6. To highlight before them contemporary literature through book reviews, poetry, short stories, novellas, and interviews of eminent personalities.

7. To give the writers or poets chance to share with readers their traits and life long experience to bring a positive change in society.

8. To give the scholars the knowledge of career Counselling and personality development and the information about job placement too through the research based studies as well as field work output.

9. To attract readers of all age towards innovative ways of writing.

10. To make effort to end social taboos and stigmas from society.

11. To develop in the readers, scholars, and writers the rich feelings towards the maintaining and preservation the rich culture of the country.

12. To introduce before the scholars and students the technique how to solve quickly the time-consuming problems within a managerial frame work.

13. To bring woman empowerment and make the efforts for equality in society.

14. To make efforts to root out every kind discrimination.

15. To develop in students the feelings of Integrity towards Nation.

16. To develop in the new generation feelings of brotherhood, adjustment, peace and harmony.

17. To provide a better platform in faculty, research scholars, educationists of all disciplines globally to highlight new knowledge, innovations, technology usage, skill development, and latest tools of research in the areas of all subjects.

18. To focus an applied research and to have a link between theory and practical.

19. To follow international standard in paper selection, refereeing, editing, proofing, production, as per the latest methodology and standards.

20. To make a link and accelerate the research work by connecting one with the other and assisting each connectivity.

21. To have an interdisciplinary research work.

22. To make aware the research scholars the Government aids and scholarships.

23. To give the research scholars an opportunity to be publicised in this International journal.

24. To make an anecdotal record, a global library for restoration of data bank of knowledge.