LITERATI RESEARCH JOURNAL is intended for academic and technical, research scholars. It is a scholarly published work containing articles written by academicians, research scholars and field experts. The Research Journals aims at contemporary issues emphasizing all articles with suitable references that is the most important part of it. The Research Journal also intends to promote the young scholars to concentrate on contemporary issues. It emphasises on Social, Cultural, and Current issues.

“Literature explors reality. It enriches the necessary competencies that our daily life requires. Literature has a unfathomable and unswerving bond with life and its realities.

As a matter of fact, Life and Literature are not two separate or different things. A creative literature work develops the realities of life. Imaginative and Constructive Literature has its own significance in life. Literature is not only a bare necessity of human life but also the major source of abstract output. Literature is the food for a richer life. No other form of learning brings the enrichment that reading of literature brings. The Global Literati Insights Research Journals tries its best to create a rich literature in society that is the treasure for future generation.

Literature is the mirror of society thatalways has a major impact on its development. It has shaped civilizations, changed political systems, corrected many prejudices, exposed injustice and given direction to correct the mankind. Literature gives us a comprehensive preview of human experiences, allowing us to connect to the basic levels of desires and emotions.

The Global Literati Insights Research Journal is published twice a year: In March and September. It is published both in E and Print Form.


The Global Literati Insights Research Journal is a reference based and creative Journal that guides the research students and scholars the innovative methods. It is an excellent source for finding Research articles, Report on empirical, experimental and theoretical topics, studies conducted by the authors supporting their views with the quotes of the previous work. To develop and cultivate the literary taste through poetry, short stories, book reviews, and novels, authors give the views on a particular issue.