Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is required for a sustainable world, and to fulfill the the goals of sustainable development and gender equality. No society or country can be said empowered without having empowered women. Women empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in social sciences. There has been a proliferation of research dealing with the topics of Women Empowerment.  In the patriarchal society, women are considered inferior to men everywhere . Women Empowerment is a process which represents or allows women to have decision-making power or freedom regarding their own lives. Empowered women help in the development of civilization, and culture of the community. The theory of women empowerment advocates that when women are empowered, they are able to access the opportunities available to them without limitations and restrictions such as in schooling, career and lifestyle. Freedom of taking own decisions creates a sense of empowerment and help them to raise their status in society. The term “Women Empowerment” refers to empowering women with culture, service, choice, and better physical condition in view of an equivalent and justfied society. For the betterment of a society, it needs to have empowered women. Women since ages have been under pressure to be socially and professionally recognized as corresponding to men. There are many incidents in a women’s individual and proficient life where their abilities are destabilized against that of men. Women’s financial empowerment refers to the ability for them to enjoy their rights to control and to take advantage from the resources, assets, earnings and their own time, as well as the capability to administer jeopardy and recover their trade and industry status and well beings. Women empowerment brings awareness which is to lift the social, personal and professional status of women to bring them shoulder to shoulder with men. These particular measures constitute a process, which is known as “Empowering Women”. Providing better education and employment opportunities to women, ensuring their better health, providing justice and ensuring professional equivalence, are the few methods of women empowerment. In short, it can be said that women’s issues are always remain neglected in patriarchal society though there are exception too. If women are empowered, they can assist to make their country a better platform for overall development. Empowered women think freely and take their own decision. Today, most of the women are empowered, so they are taking part freely in all the fields of science, literature, medicine, politics, social worker, teachings and many more others.Manywhere they have proved themselves better than the men. It is due to the advent of the theory of women empowerment that now they have reached at the space. Today’s women do not remain in the four walls of the house rather they know how to spread their wings in the open sky.  They are making their names and fame by accomplishing incredible things like reaching the zenith of a mountain and going to the space. Kalpana chawlw, Maya Bati, Priyanka chopra, Aeshwarya Rai, Lara Dutta, Smriti Irani, Mamta Benerjee, Pritibha Patil, Medha Patker, kiran Bedi and Arundhati Roy including many more others are the best example of women empowerment.

Durga Patwa
Research Scholar
Dept. Of English
MEL Lucknow University
Uttar Pradesh (India)