Social Disaster

Some societal evils are still prevelant in our society. Owing to this, our society is still on the verge of backwardness. These societal disasters are like casteism and discrimination at educational level, communal riots, sectarian violence, violence against women, child labour, female infanticide, eve-teasing, human trafficking, rape, the problem of a widow, the Problem of an old human, gender discrimination, poverty, dowry deaths, accid attack etc. In this way, the society is taking a dehumanized shape day-by-day. We often heard, the person makes a family, families make a society. As a result, the society, emerges either as a civilized or uncivilized.

Moreover, sometimes the society mirrors its cruel and atrocious face in front of us owing to its wrongful and malicious acts. In fact, the status of each person reflects the identity of its society. Therefore, each human has their own potential whether they are poor or rich, married or a widow, men or women, black or white people, lower or higher caste, young or old. Irrespective of these, they are human. As a matter of fact, the core problem lies here that human have been categorized among these and on the basis of it, they are made to suffer. And it needs to be eradicated from the society.

Nevertheless, if we talk simply about education, this is the field where people suffer the most. There are many people whose talents doesn't get an opportunity to be exposed due to poverty or lack of support in terms of proper guidance. Sometimes some are suppressed by power or money. Besides, it is the place where casteism has its roots. Though Casteism gets its opportunity here to go far ahead and later on it get categorized in terms of discrimination against complexion, gender, and untouchability. This Casteism is one of the major reasons for our society to be backward.

I personally perceived “discrimination starts by the opinionated and dominating-natured people. But, the flaw lies in dominated and oppressed people who continue this as tradition instead of ending this”.

Likely if we talk about women's cause, there is no definition of it . Moreover, death to dowry, rape, acid attack, eve-teasing are very common in today’s world. Historically as well as presently women have been made centre to suffer in varied manner in terms of physical, mental, emotional violence, dowry, rape acid attack etc. whenever there is any war, clan feuds or any family issues. Besides, when a woman becomes widow, she suffers at the hands of society in horrible manner. In a way, Women are themselves still an interrogation to the society and they still need to be empowered. Those women are the widows, victims of accid attack, rape, violence and dowry, women below the poverty line and the old women who have no reasons to survive their life. These are needed to be strengthened more. In fact, many of them have been felicitated with their abilities but many of them could not avail the given opportunity. Thus these evils should be abolished from the society in a healthy manner so that we can create a healthy society to live in in a true sense of human.

By Sweta Kumari